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Hello and thank you for visiting! My story will give you a good idea of who I am and why I love serving people like you!  Let's start with a quote from one of my favorite songs:

Life’s a dance you learn as you go. . . . sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow…”
John Michael Montgomery

My love for dance began when I was four. I eventually went on to earn a degree in dance at Long Beach State University, and to this day I still love Ballroom Dancing.   

My first year in real estate was like a first dance, a bit awkward.  In fact, a good friend even told me that I would never make it in Real Estate because I was too nice!  Hmmm.  Since then, and for the last 30 years, being nice to people has been the easiest part of my career!

A dance instructor once told me that dancing is a form of conversation.  The leader communicates each move to his partner.  The partner ‘listens’, then follows the lead.  That conversation is called ‘choreography’ and it’s the choreography that creates a smooth, flowing and beautiful dance.                                                                                                                                                           

Real Estate, in my view, is very much like a dance.  It’s a series of choreographed conversations.

 One key to my success has been my ongoing quest to learn all I can about how to ‘choreograph’ the relationship with you, my client, into a ‘conversation’.  I do this by asking questions and then listening, really listening, to what you say… and sometimes even to what you don’t say.  You become the leader and I commit myself to ‘following’ you, each of us gaining a clear understanding of your needs, dreams and aspirations.  This is the music we will be dancing to.

With all of us hearing the same music, we set out to find the perfect property if you are buying, or to market your home to the perfect buyer if you are selling.  I provide you the latest information about market conditions, negotiating strategies, how to find the right lender and ways to prepare your home for sale.  When you are ready to move, whether it’s in or out, I move to make it happen.

I ‘choreograph’ the money-saving, red-tape-cutting, problem-solving work for you.  Together we make your Real Estate experience as smooth as a Waltz.

Every dance has a finale. In this case it's the closing...or what I call the Celebration. After all, it heralds a new chapter in your life, one that calls for a celebration with Bubbly & Balloons.

 Like dance steps that change with the music, your real estate needs change with the seasons of your life.  Perhaps you are buying your first home. Congratulations! Or it may be time for your "dream home". WOW!  Real estate investment may be your Season, or now it's time for you to down-size and travel the world. Well Done!  Whatever Season you're in, I'm here to help you. 

A realtor for all Seasons who loves to Dance....I would love to help you Choreograph you next move!

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